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    Postby Mantisking » Tue Jun 19, 2018 8:34 am

    Seraphim Soldier, on Flickr.

    This is an older Frame design that is another riff on the Sprite by Phayze.

    Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack Stats: 2Rd (gun) 1B (ecm pod) 1G (booster) 1Y (sensor pod) 2W + SSR.

    Seraphim Recon by Fire, on Flickr.

    The big gun version.

    Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack Stats: 2Ra+d8 (cannons) 2Y (sensor pods) 2W.

    Seraphim Brawler, on Flickr.

    The big knife version.

    Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack Stats: 2Rh+d8 (half pikes) 2B (ecm pods) 1Gd8 (no ranged weapons) 2W.

    Seraphim Stations, on Flickr.

    Stations for the squad.
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