1 More Day for Voting for Toysnbricks LEGO City Building Contest (April-June 2020)

Thank you to all participants that entered the LEGO City Building Contest (April-June 2020). There are lots of great entries! The contest closed on June 5, 2020 and voting is now open to eligible forum members including contestants. It would be evaluated by community voting. Voting ends Sunday, June 14, 2020 at 21:00 PST (June 15, 2020 – 0:00 EST). All votes would be tallied up after that.

Contest Rules & Details can be found here. We did not disqualify any entries. Some entries may not have followed the rules so please take into account of that when deciding on your votes.

Please read the evaluation guidelines and review all entries before determining your vote. Two winners will receive official LEGO Gift Cards. Prizes are sponsored by Toys N Bricks. Good luck to all contestants! ( :

Contest Entries

All contest entries submission can be found here. There are a total of 20 entries.

  1. BLOCK PARTY by Skullossus
  3. The Pint restaurant and Hair Salon/Barber Shop by Lego Master
  4. Cityline of Toronto by Hobbes
  5. New York Cityscape by 2Brothers (submitted on behalf of 8 year old)
  6. Science World Vancouver, Canada by ZAC
  7. Cabin in the Swamp by LeGo BuiLdEr
  8. Eco Friendly Tiny House! by J.R. Clifton
  9. Town Square Corner Soda Fountain & Drug Store by Kupcake1
  10. LEGO Home by 2Brothers (submitted on behalf of 10 year old)
  11. University of LEGO – Faculty of Astronomy and Astrophysics by brickmonkey
  12. Namaste – Welcome to the Fun Zone by Amartya Sanyal
  13. Modern Mansion Beach House by Jediah (submitted on behalf of 12 year old)
  14. Southern Californian City Street – Slice of Life by ProbablyDylan
  15. Studsville Apartments by DeeFamily (submitted on behalf of 11 year old)
  16. Rainbow vs. Wood by DeeFamily (submitted on behalf of 10 year old)
  17. Beach House by DeeFamily (submitted on behalf of 8 year old)
  18. Downtown City Block by LegoOlive33
  19. Water St. Cafe and Gastown Steam Clock by Talantus
  20. Corner Store by Ajbama

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