10196 Carousel / Merry Go Round July 1st Release

The 10196 Merry Go Round / Carousel is a new upcoming set most likely to be released this summer. This set features 3263 pieces, plus it has power fuctions that adds motor and sound functions !

Price: $249.99 USD / $349.99 CAD / $166.35 British Pound/ $229.99 Euro

It’s a wonderful day for a ride on the merry-go-round! This elegant and beautifully detailed LEGO model isn’t just for show – it really spins and plays music while the horses and swing boats move up and down! Built with intricate, lifelike ornaments and features, the Grand Carousel is a spectacular addition to any LEGO display or carousel collection. Includes 9 minifigures and LEGO Power Functions motor and sound brick. Measures over 12” (30 cm) x 12” (30 cm) x over 12” (30 cm).

LEGO description:
– Experience the romance of this merry-go-round decorated with brightly colored elements!
– Features 9 minifigures including ride operator!
– The platform rotates clockwise/counter clockwise and the music plays!
– The swing boats and galloping jumper horses move up and down!
– Lots of realistic details including reflective decals on the center pole, ornate ornamentation, fleur de lys, bejeweled horses and profiles of jesters!
– The tent-like top is made of canvas!
– The Grand Carousel measures over 12” (30 cm) x 12” (30 cm) x over 12” (30 cm).

10196 Merry Go Round / Carousel (www.toysnbricks.com)

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