2001 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Set Found at a ToysRUs Store

Sometimes, the unexpected might happen at your local store! Forum member MrVEP was visiting his local Toys R Us store and happen to find a LEGO Harry Potter set that was released back in 2001. LEGO Harry Potter 4709 Hogwarts Castle was located in the stockroom at the store during inventory cleaning. This particular store is offering the set as a raffle. When you apply for the Toys R Us Credit Card, you’ll be entered to win this ancient classic LEGO Harry Potter set.

LEGO 4709 Hogwarts Castle was one of the original Harry Potter sets produced by LEGO. A total of four Hogwarts Castles were produced from 2001-2010 (most recent version was 4842 Hogwarts Castle in 2010), but this the very first original edition of Hogwarts Castle. Definitely a true classic! The set contains 682 pieces and was originally priced at $89.99 USD. A brand-new sealed copy in the secondary market today is worth about $250-$300 USD. Instructions for the set is available on LEGO.com.

LEGO Hogwarts Castle 4709 LEGO 4709 Hogwarts Castle Harry Potter (2001 Set Found in 2015 at ToysRUs)