2011 Discontinued LEGO – Death Star, Emerald Night & More

Our very own mrfootball noticed some very valuable information at Amazon.com. He has discovered under “Product Details”, certain LEGO sets shows the following “Discontinued by manufacturer: Yes”. Discontinued sets means that LEGO has stopped production and are selling the remaining stock they have left in their warehouse. Prices for LEGO collector sets (especially the Star Wars ones) tends to get ugly once all the retailers are sold out. However, keep in mind that this is from Amazon’s product details – meaning that LEGO did not “officially” announced that these products have been discontinued. 

As of this posting, the Death Star and Emerald Night is still instock and sold by Amazon for MSRP (not by 3rd parties). Don’t forget that there’s FREE Shipping for these products and no tax for most states. I would highly recommend ordering now if you still don’t have these sets.

Discontinued LEGO Sets

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