2012 LEGO Dino 5888 5886 5885 5884 5883 5882

Update: Images are no longer available.

LEGO Dino (similar to Jurassic Park Dinosaurs) is coming back! Pictures of the upcoming LEGO Dino set have been uploaded on Brickshelf. I’ve spent some time translating the original set names from Polish to English so they may be a bit off. Thanks to forum member mah4546 for the heads up. 

  • LEGO 5888 Hydroplane Hunters
  • LEGO 5886 Tyrannosaurus Hunter
  • LEGO 5885 Trap on the Triceratops
  • LEGO 5884 Raptor Chase
  • LEGO 5883 Pteranodon Tower
  • LEGO 5882 Celotyza Ambush