2016 LEGO Captain America Civil War Sets & NEW Mighty Micro Theme Pictures (76064 76065 76066 76061 76062 76063 76053 76045 76050 76051 76047)

Update: Higher quality images available on the official 2016 January LEGO Catalog.

Many upcoming 2016 LEGO Super Heroes set images have surfaced, thanks to retailer catalogue scans from Flickr user carlboettcher. In addition, the sets that come with the Micro Super Heroes figures have also been revealed. A new line of Micro Mighty Super Heroes theme sets will be released and will be priced at around $9.99 USD. These sets contain two Mighty Super Heroes figures, along with small vehicles.

Mighty Micro Marvel LEGO Super Heroes sets

LEGO Mighty Micro 76064 Spider-Man vs Green Goblin
LEGO Mighty Micro 76065 Captain America vs Red Skull
LEGO Mighty Micro 76066 Hulk vs Ultron

LEGO Might Micros Mini Super Heroes Marvel Sets 76064 76065 76066

Mighty Micro DC Comics LEGO Super Heroes sets

LEGO Mighty Micro 76061 Batman vs Catwoman
LEGO Mighty Micro 76062 Robin vs Bane
LEGO Mighty Micro 76063 The Flash vs Captain Cold

2016 DC Comics Super Heroes LEGO Sets Mighty Micro 76061 76062 76063 76050 76051 76047

Standard Size LEGO DC Super Heroes sets
DC Comics LEGO 76053 Gotham City Cycle Chase
DC Comics LEGO 76045 Kryptonite Interception

Standard Size LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets
Marvel LEGO 76050 Captain America Civil War Set
Marvel LEGO 76051
Marvel LEGO 76047

LEGO Super Heroes 76050 76051 76047 (2016 Marvel Captain America Sets)