2020 LEGO Hidden Side Official Set Images Revealed

All new LEGO Hidden Side set images have been revealed for 2020. They are available from the LEGO Germans Pressroom and it provides product descriptions. Prices are provided below in Euros. Thanks to Promobricks for the news.

LEGO Hidden Side 70427 Portal Set – 19,99 Euro

LEGO Hidden Side 70428 Jack’s Beach Strandbuggy – 19,99 Euro

LEGO Hidden Side 70429 El Fuegos Stunt Flugzeug Set – 29,99 Euro

LEGO Hidden Side 70430 Newbury U Bahn Station Set – 29,99 Euro

LEGO Hidden Side 70431 Lighthouse of Darkness – 49,99 Euro

LEGO Hidden Side 70432 Ghost Fair – 49,99 Euro

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