2021 LEGO 5006746 Swing Ship Ride VIP Gift Promotional Offer (GWP)

June 21 Update: Offer is now live at LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada | UK | Australia).

Many of the upcoming LEGO promotional gifts for June 2021 will be available at other retail stores as well. For example, LEGO Minions 30387 Bob Minion with Robot Arms polybag set 2021 will be available at Toys R Us Canada. LEGO Speed Champions 30343 McLaren Elva Polybag set 2021 is available at Wal-Mart USA. However, LEGO 5006746 Swing Ship Ride 2021 appears to be exclusive to LEGO (or at least more limited in availability). A quick search on secondary market places of this set appears to show that it was potentially available at some point in 2020 in Asia as part of Blocktober / Bricktober.

As advertised on the LEGO Store Calendar for June 2021 (USA), LEGO 5006746 Swing Ship Ride is exclusive to LEGO VIPs only and we now have set images and offer details available. LEGO VIP is the LEGO rewards program where anyone can join for free. From June 21-30, 2021, LEGO Shop at Home USA will be offering the LEGO VIP Swing Ship Ride 2021 as a promotional gift offer. You can get LEGO 5006746 Swing Ship Ride with purchases over $85 USD.

The LEGO 5006746 Swing Ship Ride (GWP) 2021 should be available at other LEGO Shop at Home  (Canada | UK | Australia) regions as well. Note that on the advertisement, LEGO listed LEGO Swing Ship Ride with set number 5006746. However, on the fine print at the bottom of the calendar, it is labelled as LEGO 5006748 Swing Ship Ride.

LEGO VIP 5006746 Swing Ship Ride June 2021 Promotional Gift Offer (GWP)

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