21050 Architeture Studio Potential Return in August 2014

Update: If you are willing to pay a little higher price, Barnes & Nobles has these sets available for $174.95 on their online site as well as their Brick & Mortar stores. (thanks anakinisvader)

There’s rumors going that the USA exclusive LEGO Architecture Studio 21050 set could potentially be coming back in August 2014. It is currently listed as temporarily out of stock. The set was released last year in August 2013 but was sold out within months of release. Price was $149.99 USD back then, but it appears that LEGO has decided to raise the price to $159.99 USD now. If you can’t afford the set, staff vynsane has created an LDD file with the pieces in it.

Thanks to Sethbrown555 for writing in.

LEGO Architecture 21050 Studio - Toysnbricks

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