4000014 LEGOLAND Train: LEGO Insider Tour 2014 Exclusive

LEGO Insider Tour 2014 Exclusive 4000014 LEGOLAND Train Gift

The LEGO Insider Tour is a very special program that runs each year in Billund, Denmark. Attendees get to see how LEGO bricks are produced, meet the designers and get to go behind many scenes. Each year, there’s also an exclusive gift given out. This year, the 2014 LEGO Insider Tour exclusive set is 4000014 LEGOLAND Train. It contains 548 pieces and 7 minifigures. This is a very limited and rare set as it appears that there’s only 80 copies made and they are all signed by the designer too! Thanks to Flickr user CK Tsang for the pictures.

LEGO 4000014 LEGOLAND Train 2014 Insider Tour Set