71000 LEGO Series 9 Minifigures Full Look

Official pictures for the upcoming 71000 LEGO Series 9 Minifigures are now available! Forum member BrickWild has posted clear resolution images for each individual minifigure along with the packaging in our forums. If you are looking for a comprehensive review, Eurobricks has posted one including a breakdown of the minifigures in each case (shown below). Thanks to Beachbum319 for the news.

  • 6 Cyclops, Heroic Knights, Alien Avengers, Policemen
  • 4 Roman Emperors, Chicken Suit Guys, 4 Judges, 4 Mermaids, 4 Battle Mechs, 4 Mr Good and Evil(s)
  • 2 Waiters, Hollywood Starlets, Roller Derby Girls, Fortune Tellers, Forest Maidens, Plumbers

Not quite sure why LEGO is now offering only certain types of minifigures to be only 2 in each case. It looks like they’re trying to offer the “Army Builder” minifigures in large quantites (6 in each case). Regardless, this still isn’t a really good distribution as they could have done 3 minifigures for each type (48) and then leave the remaining ones (12) to be the extra “Army Builder” guys.

LEGO 71000 Minifigures