71027 LEGO Series 20 Collectable Minifigures Available Now (North America)

The new April 2020 LEGO 71027 Collectable Minifigures Series 20 is now available for sale at LEGO Shop at Home (US | Canada). Price is $4.99 USD / $4.99 CAD for each minifigure. Complete box of 60 LEGO 66641 Series 20 Minifigures is available for $299.40 USD/CAD.

For those living in Europe, LEGO Shop at Home UK will have it available on April 27, 2020. Price is £3.49 GBP for each minifigure. Free shipping on orders above $35/£50,

LEGO 71027 Minifigures Series 20 

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