Amazon France Extra 15% off when you spend €50 on LEGO

Amazon France is offering an extra 15% off when you spend €50 or more on these LEGO items. Offer ends on December 9. A bit late, but there’s still some time left so hurry! We missed this promotion somehow so lets all thank forum member retr0baD for the heads up.

International Note: If you are outside of Europe, you will receive 16.4% off the listed price because you do not need to pay Euro VAT. International shipping rates are very reasonable as well. For more details, please read the Amazon section of our LEGO Buying Guide.

Not kidding, so if you order the LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple for €67,48, you will get an extra 15% off on top of your extra 16.4% off VAT discount. Since the Euro is a bit weaker ($1 US = €1,33 Euros) than before, €57,5 / $76.48 USD for a Fire Temple shipped worldwide is irresistable as thats 36% off US MSRP! Thats just an example of some of the amazing deals as there’s a lot more on their LEGO Bestsellers List. Spinjitizu Dojo is also a really good one.