Amazon France LEGO Atlantis 8077 Exploration HQ €22,07

The LEGO Atlantis 8077 Exploration HQ set is now going for €22,07 at Amazon France. Unfortunately, standard shipping is still not yet available for customers living outside of Europe (excluding North America) which kills the deal.

If you order more however, the better the deal as shipping doesn’t go up much after the 1st item. This applies for all shipping options including Express Shipping. Therefore, if you are outside of Europe and North America, you can get a way better deal by buying more than just one item.

Outside of Europe 

  • Outside of Europe (US/Canada): Final Price after 16.4% tax discount & shipping = €26,51
  • Outside of Europe: Final Price after 16.4% tax discount & shipping = €43,06

*Example of shipping discount (Outside of Europe and North America): €43,06 for one, €66,12 for two, €89,18 for three, etc.


  • Europe: Final Price after shipping =  €31,13
  • France: Final Price = €22,07

In other news, LEGO Friends, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Dino 2012 sets are all now available for pre-order. Expected shipping date is Janaury 2012. If you are looking for older LEGO sets that are on sale, please check the LEGO Bestsellers List.

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