Amazon France No More Cheap LEGO International Shipping

It appears that Amazon France has now removed the cheap shipping option for international customers including LEGO. Only the fast express, but expensive shipping option is now available. This causes savings to be lower and possibly make the prices even higher than your country’s retail price. It is somewhat unforunate that they are trying to reduce international customers incentives to buy from them.

This could be due to the Holidays approaching, but reports are also coming in that many of the Amazon sites like UKItaly and Spain have started banning all LEGO products from being shipped outside of Europe (not even select items or express shipping options at all). I tried ordering Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship from Amazon UK and its not letting me do that anymore. Lets all hope for the best that its just the Holidays and everything will be back to normal when the new year starts.


Fortunately, if you are from Canada (or US), Amazon France is still offering the cheap shipping option and you will still receive your usual 16.4% off tax discount. So yes, you can still take advantage of the amazing LEGO deals there like LEGO Star Wars 7962 Anakin’s & Sebulba’s Podracers thats now going for €62,9 (€59,04 shipped if you are outside of Europe). If you are from France, you will still receive free shipping on orders above €15 and if you from Europe, you just need to pay a small shipping fee. More hot deals are available on their LEGO Bestsellers List.