Are you a LEGO Investor Living in New York City?

Are you a LEGO Investor living in New York City? Do you want to share your experiences as a LEGO Investor? Do you want to potentially appear on TV? TV Tokyo America is currently looking for 1-2 LEGO investors in the NYC area (or within a 2 hour driving radius) who are regularly buying and selling LEGO with the specific intent of profit (for profit’s sake or to further fuel a LEGO hobby).

Please contact them as soon as possible they are on a very tight deadline for the story. They would like to possibly start interviewing/filming either today or tommorow. This LEGO investing segment will be broadcasted on their business news program in Japan. If you are interested, please contact:

Ryan McCune ([email protected])
Assistant Producer
TV Tokyo America
1325 Avenue of the Americas (24th Floor)
New York, NY 10019

Be sure to let us know how it goes if you do decide to film with them!