[Asia] LEGO Cuusoo 21101 Hayabusa – Available March 1st

Remember the video we’ve posted a few days ago that LEGO Hayabusa is being packed and shipped out? According to Amazon Japan, the expected arrival date will be March 1st. You can pre-order this set now on their site for Yen 4,420 (reg.Yen 6,615).

There are 369 pieces and weight is 739 grams. Just so you can get a rough idea of how much LEGO you are getting, Harry Potter Hagrid’s Hut weight is 772 grams with 442 pieces. I’m not sure how inflated this is, but even at the sale price of Yen 4,420 (~$60 USD), that is still a very expensive kit!

(thanks to Seong Jin for sending this in)