BN 28% off US MSRP on 2012 LEGO (Ships Worldwide)

Update: Batmobile now sold out.

If you are not a member, theres some good news as there is another 20% off coupon code available and you do not need to be a member. Use code U7K4X3B to receive an extra 20% off. All 2012 LEGO sets are already 10% off so this brings total savings to 28% off. (thanks kk012 and atmail35)

In terms of product availability, Batcave, Batwing and Olivia’s House is sold out still. But Superheroes Batmobile and Two Face Chase is now back instock but it no longer has 10% off so best you can get now is 20% off from the coupon. Still a good deal for a new set though!

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