B&N 28% off US MSRP on 2012 Star Wars (Ships Worldwide)

Barnes & Nobles online now has all of the 2012 LEGO Star Wars sets instock including the 9493 X-Wing Starfighter and 9492 Tie Fighter.

Coupon code discount will only be applied on 1 item. For non-members, use coupon code U7K4X3B or X3X8W7N (must use VISA) to receive 20% off. Other codes for non-members includes DEALPRO15B (15% off) and A8N7K7X (15% off). If you are a member, you can use either one of these coupons to receive 20% off: U9X4V7K or U3K8R8H or E8F7H9X or P8K7W9P. Thanks to forum members ricefields and kevin7215 for the heads up.

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