Box of 60 Series 8 Minifigures for €100,3 (Ships Worldwide)

Amazon France now has boxes of 60 LEGO Series 8 Minifigures available for sale! They’re currently available for €100,3 with an expected dispatch date in 3-5 weeks. As always, extra 16.4% off if you live outside of Europe because you do not need to pay Euro tax.

Very good deal even for those living outside of Europe! After factoring currency conversions base on 1.28 exchange rate for US, each box works out to be $117.15 making each minifigure to be only ~$1.95 each (reg.$2.99 US). Thats 35% off for America. Base on 1.25 exchange rate for Canada, each box works out to be $114.4 making each minifigure to be only ~$1.91 each (reg.$3.49 CA). Thats 45% off for Canada!

Price for each Box

  • USA/Canada: €83.86 + €7,66 = €91,52
  • Outside of Europe: €83,86 + €23,59= €107,45
  • Europe: Base price (~1-2%) and shipping may vary depending on your country
  • France: €100,3

The European exclusive LEGO Star Wars Battle of Hoth Game is also still available for €30,78. Not the greatest price, but still might be a good idea to get it as shipping only goes up by a little for each additional item. More of their hottest LEGO deals can be found here.