BrickAssembly LEGO Exhibition – Toronto, Canada (August 8-11, 2019)

BrickAssembly is coming to Toronto, Canada from August 8-11, 2019! This is a LEGO convention that features activities, events, games and competitions. The early bird purchase price is $65 CAD until February 24th. After this date, price will be $85 CAD.

Formed by a group of LEGO enthusiasts from the Greater Toronto Area, Bricks in the Six will have over 25000 square feet of display space for the event. The four days will be filled with activities and events for the convention attendees to both display and participate – games and competitions that will be fun and unique, and allow people to collaborate and build. Many classic LEGO fan activities will be available, such as speed builds and kit bashes, and the organizing committee has a number of new and exciting activities planned as well.

More details available in the Toys N Bricks LEGO Forums or by visiting Brick Assembly. Thanks to forum member dr_spock for the news.

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