[CAN] ToysRUs $99.97 AT-TE, City Police Headquarters, Agent Command Center, City Construction Site

EDIT: Price has went back up to reg. $119.99 as of may 8th.

ToysRUs Canada

 The $119.99 LEGO sets remains to be $99.97 even after the sale has ended on may 8th. However, the only item that is still available is the Star Wars AT-TE walker. If they keep it at this price, it means they may keep it as an everyday low price. But theres also errors that may happen including that they may have “forgotten” to change back to their regular prices. So if you didn’t made a purchase on it, purchase it now !

Star Wars AT-TE Walker, Agents Mobile Command Center, City Construction Site, City Police Headquarters ($99.97 each)

7675 AT-TE Walker available now for only $99.97

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