[CAN] LEGO Games now available at LEGOShop.com

LEGOShop Canada now has the LEGO Games from wave 1 and 2 available for sale. Fans from Canada can finally enjoy these LEGO Games! To view the pricing for these sets, please visit our forums. Don’t forget to sign up for the LEGO VIP rewards program. (It works out to be around 5% cashback in LEGO Gift Cards) These LEGO Games were first released in United Kingdom last year in 2009. They were then later released in United States in March 2010. 

Also, LEGOShop USA & Canada both have some of the 3rd wave sets listed such as 3847 Magma Monster and 3849 Orient Bazaar. Seeing how they are now listed, it won’t be long before they are available!

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