[CAN] Superstore Up to 33% off Select LEGO

Valid at Superstore in Canada only (Limited Time Offer)

The Real Canadian Superstore continues to have new LEGO deals! Discount is around 30% off Superstore Prices. For sets that have not been marked up too high, some of the sale prices are pretty nice (like battle packs). Don’t forget that you can get 30 PC Bathroom Rolls with purchases above $150 as well (Feb 19-25 only).

If prices aren’t already high enough in Canada, almost every retailer in Canada now has LEGO prices above MSRP. Superstore is no exception. After last year’s holiday season, Superstore has marked up all of their LEGO (and its even higher than ToysRUs).

  • 33% off – Toy Story 7595 Army Men on Patrol $9.99 (MSRP:$14.99)
  • 31% off – City Sports Car $9 (MSRP:$12.99)
  • 27% off – City Sea Plane $11 (MSRP:$14.99)
  • 27% off – Star Wars Snowtrooper Battle Pack $11 (MSRP:$14.99 – RCS:$15.99)
  • 27% off – Star Wars Rebel Trooper Battle Pack $11 (MSRP:$14.99 – RCS:$15.99)
  • 23% off – Atlantis Typhoon Turbo Sub $27 (MSRP:$34.99 – RCS:$36.99)
  • 15% off – City Off-Road Fire Rescue $11 (MSRP:$12.99 – RCS:$15.99)
  • 13% off – Star Wars Echo Base $26 (MSRP:$29.99 – RCS:$34.99)
  • A few Duplo sets were also on sale

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