[CAN] ToysRUs LEGO Games 3852 Sunblock – Now Instock

ToysRUs Canada Logo

ToysRUs.ca now has the new LEGO Games 3852 Sunblock set instock for $12.99. This is a limited edition set and is exclusive to ToysRUs. Expected release date for the 2011 LEGO Games is March 1st for Europe. Note that North America usually gets new LEGO sets a few months after Europe gets them so its a suprise that Canada already has one of the 2011 LEGO Games available! Online orders above $100 will qualify for FREE Shipping as well. Thanks to forum member r4-g9 for the news.

Don’t forget that ToysRUs.ca also now got their other 2011 exclusives instock including NinjaGo 2519 Skeleton Bowling and Star Wars 7869 Battle for Geonosis!

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