[CAN] ToysRUs Low Price Guarantee Plus 10% Back

Valid until December 24 in Canada only

ToysRUs Canada Logo

ToysRUs Canada now has their “Low Price Guarantee Plus 10% off Back” Holiday 2010 offer in effect! Basically, this means if you see a lower advertised price, ToysRUs will match the price PLUS give you 10% of the competitor’s advertised price in the form of a gift card. Like all other “Price Match” policies, the flier must show the sale price and MUST be a local Canadian flier.

ToysRUs.ca online also has a similar offer but with only 5% back. They will match the price PLUS give you 5% competitor’s online advertised price in the form of a promotional code. This code will then be valid on your next online purchase for 30 days. Keep in mind however that both the online competitor and ToysRUs.ca must have the product instock at the time of the “Price Match” request in order to qualify.

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