[CAN] Zellers 2010 Black Saturday LEGO Sale

Valid November 27 in Canada only

Black Saturday (Nov 27): Sale starts at 8 a.m!

If you thought that only Black Friday is in the United States, you may be wrong. Zellers Canada has a similar version known as “Moonlight Madness” this Saturday! On Black Saturday, you can save 54% off ALL LEGO Bionicle Impulse (Limit 4 per customer). The sale starts at 8 a.m and they also got a great Breakfast deal complete with coffee for only $2.49! You can join this discussion here.

  • ALL LEGO Bionicle Stars $4.99 each (reg.$10.99)
  • FREE $10 Savings Coupon* during this event

*$10 Savings Coupon can be redeemed from December 3-9 for purchases above $50.

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