[Canada] Sears Removing Toys Department: 40% off ALL LEGO

As reported last week, Sears Canada is still continuing their 40% off sale on all LEGO. The sales associate told me that all Sears Canada stores are now in the process of removing their Toys Department and all toys including LEGO will be clearanced for 40% off.

They have a HUGE selection of old/discontinued 2010-2011 LEGO Star Wars sets including Hoth/Clone Battle Packs. Head on over to our forums to see what people are finding. If the sets have clearance red stickers on them, it will be 40% off of that reduced price which means you may be able to get them at a even better price (i.e City Police Dog Unit).

Note: They do not have a single 2012 LEGO set (not even the January ones like X-Wing and Droid Escape) so don’t even expect new summer sets. I believe they haven’t even place new toy orders after Christmas!

Its not surprising to find old sets that have been discontinued years ago at Sears and The Bay (anyone remember The Bay carrying LEGO?). But it sure is sad to know that Canadians will now lose another major LEGO retailer. :'(

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