[Canada] Target 30% off LEGO Clearance Further Reduced to 50% off

Forum member wintersun informs us that previously reduced 30% off LEGO Clearance items at Target Canada stores are now down to 50% off. Items that were previously 50% off did not get any further markdowns as most of these items are already sold out. They also have LEGO Count Dooku Duel on Geonosis for 50% off as well (previously 30% off) which we didn’t mention last time. Use your Red Card or Target MasterCard to save an additional 5% off.

If you purchased these items previously for 30% off, you may be able to get a price adjustment at Customer Service.

50% off Clearance Items (previously 30% off)

  • Star Wars Republic Gunship (reg.$149.99)
  • Star Wars Jabba’s Sail Barge (reg.$149.99)
  • Lord of the Rings Pirate Ship Ambush (reg.$129.99)
  • Star Wars AT-TE (reg.$119.99)
  • Star Wars Jek-14 Starfighter (reg.$89.99)
  • Super Heroes Ironman Malibu Mansion Attack (reg.$49.99)
  • Star Wars Homing Spider Droid (reg.$39.99)

Old 50% off Clearance Items (no further markdowns, most likely all sold out now)

  • 50% off – Cragger’s Command Ship $49.99 (reg.$99.99).
  • 50% off – Chima Worriz Combat Lair $44.99 (reg.$89.99)
  • 50% off – Hobbit Unexpected Gathering $42.49 (reg.$84.99)
  • 50% off – Lord of the Rings Battle at the Black Gate $37.49 (reg.$74.99)
  • 50% off – Super Heroes Superman Battle of Smallville $29.99 (reg.$59.99)
  • 50% off – Chima Gorzan Gorilla Striker $29.99 (reg.$59.99)
  • 50% off – Ninjago Garmatron $24.99 (reg.$49.99)
  • 50% off – Chima Ultrabuild CHI Cragger & Other Assorted Chima Ultrabuilds $9.99 (reg.$19.99)
  • 50% off – Star Wars Republic Troopers vs Sith Troopers $7.99 (reg.$15.99)
  • 50% off – Star Wars Clone Troopers vs. Droidekas $7.99 (reg.$15.99)

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