[Canada] ToysRUs LEGO Sale: March 23-29

This week from March 23-29, Toys R Us Canada will be offering the following LEGO Sales and LEGO Promotions. Online orders above $100 will qualify for free shipping.

  • 20% off ALL LEGO Ninjago Building Sets
  • 20% off ALL LEGO Alien Conquest and Dino Building Sets
  • $10 off Star Wars Battle of Geonosis, Emperor Palpatine’s Shuttle and Battle of Endor

In addition, they will also have a LEGO Building Event on Saturday, March 31st from 11am-2pm. Courtesy of LEGO, you can build a LEGO Bunny for free (max 100 per store). For kids under 5, they can build a LEGO Duplo Chickadee (max 50 per store).