Chronological Timeline of the LEGO Batmobile & The Batmobile in the Film

The new LEGO Batman Movie is almost here! Here’s a unique look at the history of the Batmobile along with the different LEGO versions of the Batmobile. The very first Batmobile in the film was in 1966 whereas the first LEGO Batmobile was created in 2006. You can check out the history of the Batmobile here from

LEGO has created 10 different types of LEGO Batmobiles in various forms and sets. In recent years, you can see that they have started producing more LEGO Batman sets. You can click on the image below to see more.

2006 LEGO Batmobile 7784 The Ultimate Collector’s Edition
2006 LEGO 7781 Two-Face’s Escape
2008 LEGO 7888 The Tumbler Joker’s Ice Cream Surprise
2012 LEGO 6864 Two-Face Chase
2014 LEGO 76023 UCS The Tumbler
2014 LEGO 76012 The Riddler Chase
2015 LEGO 76035 Jokerland
2016 LEGO 76052 Classic TV Series Batcave
2016 LEGO 76045 Kryptonite Interception
2017 LEGO 70905 The Batmobile

Which LEGO Batmobile set is your favorite?

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