Creation for Charity 2015 Begins!

Creations for Charity 2015 is back. You can help make a child’s dream come true this Christmas just by buying a custom LEGO creation or by donating a LEGO creation. We’re very fortunate to be able to enjoy LEGOs all year round. Nannan has done a good job organizing this charity year after year and has created many smiles for children.  Check their site out and see if any creation(s) interest you or if you have the time, you can make your own creation and donate it.

“The seventh annual Creations for Charity sale starts today! From now until the end of November, you can buy a custom creation to help raise money to buy Lego sets for underprivileged children. These creations are all built and donated by the fans, and there’s more to come throughout the sale. Anyone can donate a creation before November 15th by visiting and submitting a donation form. Take a look at some of the creations for sale so far:”

Creations for Charity 2015 LEGO Logo