Customized LEGO Comic Book (Spider-Man, Star Wars or Batman) at VIP Rewards Center

LEGO VIP Rewards Center (USA | Canada | UK | Australia) has added three LEGO Comic Books that you can redeem. They are customized “build your own” LEGO comic books.

There are 3 LEGO VIP Comic Books that you choose from and they are Spider-Man, Star Wars or Batman. The comic book languages are available in English, French, Canadian French, German and Spanish.

Redeeming & Creating LEGO VIP Comic Book

Log in to your account and head to the LEGO VIP rewards section under “Rewards” and “Build a Customized LEGO Comic Book”. The licensed LEGO VIP Comic Books cost 150 LEGO VIP reward points. After redeeming it, you’ll get a code that you can enter at You can then proceed to create your comic there. 

LEGO VIP rewards program is free to join. You get back 5% back in LEGO reward dollars for purchases made at LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada | UK | Australia) and physical brick and mortar LEGO brand retail stores. 

Shown below is the LEGO Comic Creator Book VIP Rewards website landing page that you use to create your LEGO VIP Rewards Comic Book. 

Below are the storylines for the three LEGO VIP Comic Books: Spider-Man, Star Wars or Batman.

LEGO Spider-Man Comic Book VIP Storyline

Oh no! Vulture has stolen the Polymer and we need to get it back, but he’s enlisted the help of Venom and Sandman. We don’t stand a chance!
Spider-Man needs your help to defeat the Sinister 3 and reclaim the Polymer.

LEGO Star Wars Comic Book VIP Storyline

Darth Vader has just enlisted bounty hunters to find the Millennium Falcon and there is only one thing standing in our way… Boba Fett!
A race to capture the Millennium Falcon is unfolding. Find out who has got the upper hand and is ready to claim Lord Vader’s reward! Who do you think will get to the Millennium Falcon first?
Create your own minifigure, select your superpower and sidekick, and watch the events unfold!

LEGO Batman Comic Book VIP Storyline

Batman™ and Robin are in the Batcave when, all of a sudden, on the scanner — “ATTENTION ALL UNITS…CHASE IN PROGRESS… CHOPPER HEADED NORTH ON CARDINAL…”
Batman™ and Robin need your help to defeat The Riddler™ and The Joker™.
Create your own minifigure, select your superpower and side-kick and help save Gotham City!

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