First 2016 LEGO Ideas Review Stage: 9 Qualifying Projects

For the first 2016 LEGO Ideas Review, nine projects have qualified to be in the review stage! All these projects have reached 10 000 supporters so big congrats to everyone that made it this far. You can read more about the qualifying projects on LEGO Ideas.

Fossil Museum (by whatpumpkin)
Gingerbread House (by Swan Dutchman)
Jedi High Council Chamber (by lojaco)
Jurassic Park Visitor Center (by LDiEgo)
Modular Train Station (by LegoWolf)
Old Fishing Store (by robenanne)
Particle Accelerator (by JKBrickworks)
Rolling BB-8 !! (by mjsmiley and artbot138)
Johnny Five (by PepaQuin)

Potential LEGO Ideas Creation Gingerbread House Swan Dutchman