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Post by LetterCsquared » Mon Jun 29, 2015 2:21 pm

I started looking at some of the Lego Dimensions packs coming out and my idea for a contest would be to use an official Lego minifigure and build a micro vehicle/ride to go with it. Entries could exclude any currently announced/revealed packs, but be open to any licensed themed minifigures or any minifig released to this date.

With the huge library of minifigures to choose from the entries could vary greatly! I would say keep it to official minifigs only, to make it fair, but there are some amazing customs out there.

There could be different categories as well, like a Starter Pack group, which seems to include 3 minifigs w/ corresponding vehicle/ride. Also the Solo Pack which is a single minifig w/ corresponding vehicle/ride.

Prizes could then be equivalent to the entry. Winners of the starter pack submissions could pick a starter pack of their choosing and the same could be said of the Solo Pack submission winners. Of course under discretion and approval of the site owner. Just an idea for when the game gets closer to release.

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