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Re: [FAQ] Barnes and Noble (B&M and .com)

Post by GrayFox787 » Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:54 pm

I know this is not pertaining to the basic membership for everyone, but maybe there are others on here with an Educator Discount that can help me understand it. My fiancee has one, but it will not work on LEGO of any kind - not even the Architecture sets, which is what I am interested in. I thought I had read on this forum - or perhaps another one - that others with the discount were able to use it successfully, but I had no luck in store (at two separate locations) or online. I know the discount does not apply towards everything they sell, but there are no exceptions in the fine print for LEGO. I was curious as to whether this is the norm, and others just get lucky having a clerk do a manual override, or if maybe the discount only works on LEGO during the Educator Appreciation Days?

Also, she got a Books-a-Million Educator Discount card the other day, and it actually DID work in store on an Architecture set (Trevi Fountain), but does not work online on LEGO. From the looks of the receipt and the speediness of the transaction, it did not appear the cashier did any kind of override to make that discount happen...so maybe 20% off works for BAM in stores, at least on Architecture?

Certainly there must be educators who are also AFOLs and can shed some light on all of this? It would be much appreciated!

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Re: [FAQ] Barnes and Noble (B&M and .com)

Post by StClair » Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:51 pm

*hides grade book* ;-) The nearest Barnes and Noble isn't very close so I've never tried it.

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Re: [FAQ] Barnes and Noble (B&M and .com)

Post by askthelegoguy » Wed Mar 16, 2016 7:06 pm

LewaLAZ wrote:So wait, if I sign up for that kids club thing and get a 30% off coupon, it only works in store?
Will I get weird looks if I use it? :shock:
Lol, if you're potentially saving tons of money, why would care if they're giving you weird looks? Don't worry about it. If they don't let you sign up, then that's a different story.

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