I’m back from vacation!

I’m glad to see that Brickbuilder0937 and ncbarrett has been keeping you all up to date while I was away. I was quite suprised to see that Hong Kong sells the Muji LEGO Bricks and Paper sets for $200 (~$26 USD  | $26 CAD). They also had the LEGO Hole Puncher for sale. In addition, LEGO Minifigures ranging from Series 2-4 were available unpicked at many stores including Toys R Us for $21.3 (~$2.7 USD  | $2.6 CAD). I also found the polybag 30055 Droid Fighter set in a toy store but at $150 for 2 (~$19.3 USD  | $18.6 CAD), its way too expensive even with the strong dollar ratio. But what really suprised me was that Toys R Us HK has all the LEGO Star Wars sets and high value sets locked up in the Customer Service counter. The stores were also small and not what I had expected compared to Toys R Us Canada.