Iron Patriot Minifigure (LEGO 2013 Marvel Superheroes)

LEGO Superheroes Iron Patriot Minifigure 2013

Gonintendo has revealed the promotional freebies when you pre-order the new LEGO Marvel Superheroes Video Game and console! In addition, they have also revealed a new promotional LEGO Superheroes Iron Patriot Minifigure. Apparently, this new 2013 Iron Patriot minifigure will be available only to those that pre-order the console (LEGO Marvel Superheroes version) at Wal-Mart. Kinda lame how you now have to buy a console if you want to get the Iron Man Patriot minifigure. Thanks to Patrick and forum member Kerberos for the news. (via FBTB)

Pre-Order LEGO Marvel Superheroes Videogame

  • GameStop: FREE Spider Man minifigure keychain
  • $10 Credit (does not appear to be live yet)

Pre-Order LEGO Marvel Superheroes Console

  • Wal-Mart: FREE LEGO Iron Patriot Minifigure (does not appear to be live yet)

The new LEGO Marvel Superheroes video game will be released this fall. Here’s a trailer if you aren’t aware of this game yet.