LEGO 70706 70707 70708 70709 Galaxy Squad Summer 2013 Pictures

Forum member grogall shares with us pictures of some of the upcoming Summer 2013 LEGO Galaxy Squad sets! Four new sets known as LEGO Crater Creeper, CLS-89 Eradicator Mech, Hive Crawler and Galactic Titan will be released with each set containing a different team (green, orange, red, blue) These sets sure are looking great! Which ones are your favorite?

LEGO 70706 Crater Creeper

LEGO Galaxy Squad 70706 Crater Creeper

LEGO 70707 CLS-89 Eradicator Mech

LEGO Galaxy Squad 70707 CLS-89 Eradicator Mech

LEGO 70708 Hive Crawler

LEGO Galaxy Squad 70708 Hive Crawler

LEGO 70709 Galactic Titan

LEGO Galaxy Squad 70709 Galactic Titan