LEGO 7327 Scropion Pyramid €47,59 (Ships Worldwide)

January 24 Update: Pyramid is now sold out at the €47,59 price.

The LEGO Pharaoh’s Quest 7327 Scropion Pyramid has been discounted down to €47,59 at Amazon France. As always, extra 16.4% off if you live outside of Europe because you do not need to pay Euro tax.

Unfortunately, the cheap shipping option is still not yet available for customers living outside of Europe (€68,72 shipped). If you are from North America, cheap shipping is still available (€49,52 shipped = ~$65!).

If you are into Ninjago Spinners, Zane DX is now going for €3,62 and Cole DX for €3,86. More deals can be found here.