LEGO Architecture 40585 World of Wonders 2023 Set Images

An all new LEGO Architecture set has been revealed at the LEGO (USA | Canada | UK | Australia) instructions download page. Note that instructions are not available and only the image is available. 

The set that has been revealed LEGO Architecture 40585 World of Wonders 2023. It comes with 4 microscale builds including Taj Mahal in Agra, India, Great Wall of China, Al-Khazneh Temple in Petra, Jordan and Pantheon Temple in Rome, Italy. 

Both the Taj Mahal and Great Wall of China were made into larger official LEGO Architecture sets in the past. Though, we don’t have any official larger LEGO builds of Al-Khazneh and Pantheon.

Each mini model of the LEGO Architecture 40585 World of Wonders 2023 contain a nameplate for the monument and landmark as well. It is most likely going to be recommended for those that are aged 18+. The release date could be in February or March 2023. However, we don’t have the official release date set. 

Keep it lock to Toys N Bricks and we’ll update you when we have more details on the availability, price and release date for this set.

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