LEGO Atlantis & Star Wars 853087 853126 853130 Magnets

Forum member gabriellee11 reports sightings of new LEGO magnets at a LEGO Brand Store in United States! LEGO 853130 Magnet has been revealed a few weeks ago but there are 2 new magnets that have been not been revealed yet. One of them is the LEGO Atlantis Magnet consisting of Lobster Guardian, Diver, and Hammerhead Guardian. The other one is LEGO Star Wars 853126 Magnet containing AT-AT Driver, Ben Kenobi, and Tie Fighter Pilot minifigures. Keep in mind that these minifigures are attached to the magnets.

Atlantis Magnets

  • LEGO 853087 Lobster Guardian, Diver, Hammerhead Guardian

Star Wars Magnets

  • LEGO 853126 AT-AT Driver, Ben Kenobi, Tie Fighter Pilot
  • LEGO 853130 Anakin Skywalker, Talz, Clone Pilot

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