LEGO Batman & Star Wars 2014 Set Images (75042 76010 76011)

The 2014 Batman and Star Wars sets shown below are apparently available for sale in some shop in the Middle East. Most likely, the retailer probably released them earlier than the expected date. Regardless, we now do get a general look at some of the 2014 Batman sets. Though, another remake of the Droid Gunship probably won’t get you too excited. (via Brickset)

75042 Star Wars Droid Gunship

LEGO Star Wars 75042 Droid Gunship (Pre)

76010 Batman The Penguin Face off

LEGO Super Heroes Batman 76010 The Penguin Face off (Pre)

76011 Batman Man-Bat Attack

LEGO Super Heroes Batman 76011 Man-Bat Attack (Pre)


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