LEGO Bricktober 2022 at Toys R Us Canada: Pirate Adventure Ride GWP

Bricktober 2022 is returning in Canada! For the month of October 2022, Toys R Us Canada will be offering LEGO Bricktober building events and cool freebie gifts. The dates for the promo runs from September 29 to October 5th, 2022. 

The first LEGO Bricktober 2022 Canada gift this year is the LEGO Pirate Adventure Ride. You can get it for free when you spend $80 or more on LEGO sets. This LEGO Bricktober 2022 gift freebie is valid from September 29 to October 5, 2022. Excludes prices ending in $0.08 and clearance items. Note that this LEGO Bricktober 2022 Canada offer is available in-stores only. 

The other expected upcoming LEGO Bricktober 2022 gift with purchase GWP sets will be the LEGO Spaceship Adventure Ride, the LEGO Unicorn Adventure Ride and the LEGO Dragon Adventure Ride. There will be a new LEGO Bricktober 2022 GWP set being given away each week.

For those outside of Canada, it’s expected to also be available in Asian countries that have Toys R Us like Singapore. In the past, Bricktober was a special LEGO promotional even exclusive to Toys R Us toy store.

Toys R Us shut down many stores in many countries several years ago in countries like U.S United States, UK United Kingdom and Australia. It’s uncertain if the LEGO Bricktober 2022 promo will still be available in these countries this year for 2022. 

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