LEGO Bricktober Retro Minifigure Magnets 2011 – Closer Look

The Bricktober Retro Minifigure Magnets 2011 arenow listed at Price is $4.99 USD for each one, but you can’t order them because they’re meant for the annual LEGO Bricktober event. Regardless, do note that these minifigure magnets are not detachable from the 2×4 bricks.

LEGO Bricktober 2011 Retro Minifigure Magnets

  • 1) LEGO Ninja Princess Minifigure Magnet (2856223)
  • 2) LEGO Forestman Minifigure Magnet (2856224)
  • 3) LEGO Knight Minifigure Magnet (2856225)
  • 4) LEGO Astronaut Minifigure Magnet (2856226)

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