LEGO City Passenger Train on sale for €72,35

Amazon France currently has LEGO City Passenger Train on sale for €72,35. After factoring 16.4% tax discount and shipping, each set works out to be €81,02 for US/Canada. Based on current 1.3 exchange rate, this works out to be $105.33 USD. (19% off for US or 38% off for Canada) For those living outside of Europe, final price works out to be €87,28.

Price for a Passenger Train Set

  • US/Canada: €60,49 + €20,53 = €81,02
  • Outside of Europe: €60,49 + €26,79 = €87,28
  • Europe: €72,35  (price may differ by 1-5% due to your country’s VAT)
  • France: €72,35

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