LEGO Collection Stolen

Brian Richards, a LEGO fan recently has his LEGO Collection stolen. Its very unfortunate that there are people out there that steals people’s LEGO collections. ) :

We ask the LEGO Community to be on the lookout. To learn more about his LEGO collection and how you can help, please read below and visit his site. Hopefully, he is able to get his LEGO collection back. Thanks to forum member Jeffery for alerting us regarding this.

When did this happen?

Sometime after 12:00am ET on Aug 28 (when I got into bed) and 9:00am ET on Aug 28 (when I returned to my basement office) some person(s) invaded my home and relieved our basement of practically every piece of LEGO. And that’s it. None of our expensive electronics (computers, monitors, microphones, etc.), none of my expensive camera equipment (body, lenses, lighting, etc.), none of my woodworking tools (table saw, mitre saw, drill press, router table, etc), or any other things of any kind.

My office, stripped of LEGO

How can someone help?

Our collective hunch is that the sets are being sold off individually and the rest of the pieces sold in one or many bulk lots. The best way you can help is to keep your eyes peeled for used LEGO that’s up for sale. Maybe via Craigslist, maybe via Facebook, maybe via ebay, or pawn shops, or elsewhere. The seller is probably going to list them within a couple hundred miles of Grandville, MI (49418).

Please either contact the Grandville Police directly via 616-538-6110 or [email protected] or email me privately. My email address is my first name at this domain.

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