LEGO Creator Sonic Boom £29.87 ($47.15 USD)

Amazon United Kingdom currently has LEGO Creator 5892 Sonic Boom on sale for £29.87. After factoring 16.7% Europe tax discount and shipping, this works out to be $47.15 USD based on current 1.58 exchange rate. Thanks to forum member Mrcoolnup for the heads up.

The set has been discontinued in North America for quite some time already but you can still get it below retail. This set retails at $59.99 USD / $79.99 CAD so this effectively works out to be 22% off for USA or 41% off for Canada. Don’t forget no tax for United States (most likely also including states that now charges tax for orders) too! Plus, each additional sonic boom set only cost an extra £1-2 for shipping.

Price for a Creator Sonic Boom

  • USA/Canada: £24.89 + £4.95 shipping = £29.84
  • Outside of Europe: £15+ £22.58  shipping = £47.47
  • Europe: Base price 1-2% VAT difference + Free shipping
  • UK: £29.87