[USA] LEGO Dimensions Discounts – $2.93 Back to the Future Doc Brown Fun Pack & More

Target America has made reductions to many LEGO Dimensions items. Some of the older LEGO Dimensions packs such as Back to the Future Doc Brown Fun Pack have been reduced significantly to $2.93 as well at Target.com. Remember that you can also use the check your store availability function as well.

Some of these discounts are so great that it is worth it just to purchase it for the minifigure and the mini model that comes with the pack. Amazon has some of these LEGO Dimensions deals as well as shown below:

LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack – Prime Members only (item will be discounted by 50% off)
Dr. Who Cyberman Fun Pack $3.59 (reg.$11.99) – Prime Members only
Back to the Future Doc Brown Fun Pack $2.93 (reg.$11.99) – Prime Members only
DC Superman Fun Pack $5.99 (reg.$11.99)
Ghostbusers Slimer Fun Pack $5.39 (reg.$11.99)
Ninjago Lloyd Fun Pack – $5.99 (reg.$11.99)

LEGO Dimensions 71230 Doc Brown Back to the Future Fun Pack - Toysnbricks

Target also has some upcoming LEGO Dimensions releases (pre-orders) discounted as well:

-Ghostbuster Story Level $30 (reg.$49.99)
-Adventure Time sets are $18 and $15
-Mister T $7.19
-Harry Potter Team $15
-Mission Impossible Level Pack is $15

Thanks to forum member Brick & Blue and others for the heads up.